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The “Original” Mike Smith is a certified professional speaker, leadership and sales trainer, author, and consultant with over 30 years of experience in the youth market – but his messages apply to people in all walks of life. In his speaking career, Mike has addressed over four million people, sharing his sense of humor and passion about life, positive self-talk, and personal responsibility.


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I' love it when I run into a "thought" I hadn't seen or hadn't seen in along time. Here is todays entry "Every day is a place we've never been before." Something to think about and make the best of. ... See MoreSee Less


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Each day is a new beginning Mike

I just posted this on my personal page but it works here as well. "Thank everyone who has texted, called or otherwise attempted to congratulate me for winning the Triple Crown in horse racing at the Belmont last weekend. Yes, Mike Smith is the oldest jockey to accomplish such a feat and yes, he is from New Mexico BUT he was not the "Original" Mike Smith and Justify (the great horse) probably would not had done quite as well carrying me even though I have recently lost a bunch of weight. Thanks again for thinking of me and if I run into Mike, I'll tell him you all were proud for us." ... See MoreSee Less

For my teacher friends -TO SAY THANK YOU- this is something I wrote years ago that it still applies:
To Know or do one thing well you know is really neat,
But someone has to TEACH you, if the odds you’re going to beat.

We have heard it since forever and through time it’s stood the test-
When the challenge is to master Learn only from the best!

But if the Master masters and has not the skills to teach,
All that they learned is left beyond our human reach.

The moral of this story, you know my friend is true
Those who can must teach while those who “Can’t” just do.

And those of us who have those skills to HELP those young minds reach
Have got to stand and tell the world - YES! I’M PROUD I TEACH!

The “Original” Mike Smith (c) 1988 All rights reserved
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