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The “Original” Mike Smith is a certified professional speaker, leadership and sales trainer, author, and consultant with over 30 years of experience in the youth market – but his messages apply to people in all walks of life. In his speaking career, Mike has addressed over four million people, sharing his sense of humor and passion about life, positive self-talk, and personal responsibility.


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Thought for the day! "Disappointment should always be taken as a stimulant, and never viewed as a discouragement." C. B. Newcomb - 1918 ... See MoreSee Less

Ok, today is a NEW day! Like many of you, I collect Quotes and read through them often. Today this came to me from Eric Hoffer: "In times of CHANGE, Learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." We are learning a bunch. Keep learning, my friends! It might not be fun but it is important. I remember from flight school that "Attitude determines Altitude." Make the best of this day! ... See MoreSee Less


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Every day is a good day ,🥰 Mike

It occurs to me in this time of reflection for many of the world's religions that I should share a night time prayer I wrote for my young son years ago. I use it myself most nights and I have shared it with audiences all over the country as a closing to many of my presentations. I hope you enjoy it.

"Thank you GOD for this great day
And all the things that came my way

And with tomorrow's coming light
Please help me to always do what's right.

Please help me walk in HAPPY shoes
And LEARN from every path I choose

The lessons that are there for me
To be the BEST me I can be.

So when I lay be down to rest
We'll know I've done my very best.

Thank you for walking by my side.

For LAUGHTER when the road it rough
And COURAGE when the times are tough

And TEARS that wash away the pain
Thank you, GOD, for EVERYTHING!
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I still say this pray. I went to a student council seminar with my High School Class in 1988. Was it titled Casey's Prayer? You had such an impact on me. Thank you for all your work through out the years. My other favorite was If I could not be an are!

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