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The “Original” Mike Smith is a certified professional speaker, leadership and sales trainer, author, and consultant with over 30 years of experience in the Education market.  His messages apply to people in all walks of life. In his speaking career, Mike has addressed over four million people, sharing his sense of humor and passion about life, the value and techniques for positive self-talk, and an understanding of  personal responsibility.


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Hello my friends: I wrote this for you!

In the Pandemic of 2020 -


So covered lips and noses won’t dim this time this year

Smile-Light your eyes behind that mask and offer up good Cheer

Add a warm “Good Morning!” with each smile you’re sending out

Improve their day and watch their smile that’s what it’s all about

So masked and socially distanced let’s show forth a smiling face

With bright eyes and warm greetings, we’ll build a better place.

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Hello! Whether you are a teacher, administrator, Mom or Dad, or Grand Parent check this out! I had a great time at the National Conference on Student Activities hosted by NAWD. Check it out. I did a workshop there promoting the Alliance for Student Activities and their work on promoting STUDENT ENGAGEMENT. Yes, this pandemic has messed up the NORMAL school activities but there were many great ideas and suggestions for engaging TEENS. Check out Look for the Videos and choose Promote the Value - Extra vs. Essential. It's short and has great information. You will see how important helping young people connect in person or virtually. Social engagement skills are the "Other half of education." ... See MoreSee Less

This is a bit long for a Thanksgiving card but here it is. Enjoy!

2020 Thanksgiving Refocused

What a season this is in a time so distraught
Where nothing’s the same as we all once thought.

If we sit here in anger for what needs to be fixed
Our focus will leave us with emotions too mixed.

So, let’s notice new things as they come into range.
While this season invites our focus to change.

Highlighting red leaves that once were so green.
Funny how “focus” pops out the unseen.

Refocusing blurs - all the clutter and strife
And helps us to know what’s important in life.

What we’ve overcome and the things that have changed
And the lessons we’ve learned as life rearranged.

So, let’s highlight the good things and blur out the bad.
Let’s be grateful for “happy” and learn from the sad.

Let’s remember with purpose our family and friends
And FOCUS on BLESSINGS this Holiday sends!

To protect all our loved ones, we can assume
Many of us will gather on something like ZOOM.

So, hug from a distance and SMILE! Don’t be sad.
Focus on THANKFUL and HAPPY and GLAD.

It won’t be the same and it’s surely not fair,
But it makes sense to us because we all CARE.

Let’s be together next year when COVID has passed
And resume the traditions this helps to make last.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay safe and healthy!

the “Original” Mike Smith
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Thank you for this! 🙏😊

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The Alliance for Student Activities

As anyone who knows Mike will tell you, he has been an advocate of raising awarness about the value of student engagement in school-sponsored activities and experiences—sports, clubs, music, the arts, college & career prep, service, organizations, leadership development, events, and more.

To that end, he helped found the Alliance for Student Activities in the early 2000s, a nonprofit organization that, since then, has mirrored his passion through printed materials, videos, and live presentations by providing compelling information about the importance of student activities in increasing standardized test scores, lowering the dropout rate, and improving social and emotional outcomes. 


You can reach Mike by calling 505-991-4488!