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The “Original” Mike Smith is a certified professional speaker, leadership and sales trainer, author, and consultant with over 30 years of experience in the Education market.  His messages apply to people in all walks of life. In his speaking career, Mike has addressed over four million people, sharing his sense of humor and passion about life, the value and techniques for positive self-talk, and an understanding of  personal responsibility.  


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Ever noticed how your EYES let people know you are smiling under that mask? Lately I've started adding an occasional "Hi" or "Good Day!" and mostly their surprise at the distanced contact is followed with a nice answer and smiling eyes which caused me to rewrite this the Smile Pass to this:

You know it isn’t easy when things look bleak and dark
To curl your lips and tell your eyes it’s time for them to spark!

But covered lips and noses won’t dim the message sent
By sparkling eyes that light the room and everything that’s in it.

Yes, even with a covered mouth YOU can warm THEIR insides so.
Your EYES will let THEM see your SMILE and then THEIR smiles will GROW.

So, masked or not and distanced, let’s show forth a smiling face.
Our BRIGHT EYES will pass it on and build a BETTER PLACE.
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I have been thinking, are the WORDS we are using in this pandemic wrong? It is not “social distancing.” It is “RESPONSIBLE DISTANCING” we should focus on to protect our fellow human beings. We are NOT giving up our RIGHTS, we are GUARANTEEING THEM by fulfilling our RESPONSIBILITY to take care of each other in a free society.
Should we be focusing on RESPONSIBLE DISTANCING to protect each other?
Does a “government of the people, by the people and for the people” demand a responsibility of the people TO the people?
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Thank You again for saying it like it should be!!

You still got it!!!

As I watched the events of the last few weeks, I could not help but reflect on the relevance of a program we created in the 1990’s aimed at helping schools build COMMUNITY. To help us, we gathered 16 High School teens who did not know each other, of different ethnicities, from different parts of the country. For one week, we learned from one another, explored our dreams, discovered our sameness, and many became friends. That experience helped us create a program for building stronger inclusive communities (Thank you David Brame). On the last day of that experience I woke up early and wrote the ending summation of what we learned. This short video is that summation of the program and features the then young people who helped make it happen. Here is “In Our America”:In these challenging times, I remembered this piece: "In Our America." I wrote it decades ago to close a DifferenceMakers, Ltd kit we created called BUILDING... ... See MoreSee Less

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