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The “Original” Mike Smith is a certified professional speaker, leadership and sales trainer, author, and consultant with over 30 years of experience in the Education market.  His messages apply to people in all walks of life. In his speaking career, Mike has addressed over four million people, sharing his sense of humor and passion about life, the value and techniques for positive self-talk, and an understanding of  personal responsibility.


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Hello Friends! As things open up and we begin to rebuild our lives I was looking through my Rhymes and found this one. I believe we need to not concern ourselves with


Few can find success in life
without a bump or two.

The secret’s in the “Learning”
from everything you do.

So, boldly risk where few have gone
with head held high and straight.

Face your fears and learn new things
while others sit and wait.

Failing is an acronym
For life and learning – both,

It’s “Finding An Important Lesson
Inviting Needed Growth”

Wait not ! Risk Wisely! Learn Much.

Enjoy the Journey!

The “Original” Mike Smith (c) 1986 All rights reserved
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I just put “Good Enough is Neither” on the pinboard in front of my 14yr olds desk to remind him. I reminded him that it is still at my desk at work. Thanks for the smile 😊

My friend, I believe words and phrases matter, especially in SELF-TALK. Here's the thought:

If only we could "SHOULD HAVE," we could make a better place.
We could solve our many problems by UNMAKING our mistakes.

We could make mistakes, "should have" them back and fix them right away
And then go on and makes some more, and think we'll never pay.

But, alas, my thoughtful friend, the truth of things be told,
"should have" has a price we pay that costs more than pure gold.

For "should have" makes us feel so bad and hurts our self-respect,
while "NEXT TIME" shows us what to learn and what we can expect.

So STOP your saying "Should Have!" Yes, begin it here, today.
Replace it with a NEXT TIME I'LL" and learn from what you say.

Hope you like it.
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I posted this on my personal page a minute ago. Thought it worth sharing here. Thank you.
Good Day! Lots to think about in these challenging times. You know I look for wisdom in the thoughts and quotes of others with the idea in mind that if it is good enough to have lasted this long, it might be good enough to share. Here is what came running to me today. From FDR: "Repetition does not transform a lie into the truth." Make it a great day!
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