Capture the Spirit! with Stu Shaffer

Are you looking for ways to help your student body get involved at your pep rallies, spirit assemblies, class or homecoming competitions? Learn from the master! Stu Shaffer offers an in-depth look at the planning process and considerations for activity selection that will help propel your program to the next level. Capture the Spirit! reviews many of the games, races, and involvement activities that Stu has collected, invented, and modified to ensure the success of your event. No activities curriculum is complete without this valuable training tool.

Welcome to High School! and In Our America
from The “Original” Mike Smith

A message from The “Original” Mike Smith to help your Freshmen launch their high school careers and a special insight on how our differences make the difference… In Our America. 

Let’s think together about things you might need to consider about yourself, your education, and what you can take away from this High School experience.  These are a few minutes of things we should consider as we move towards our future.  

This is a poem about America that was built around the thoughts and efforts of these young people several years ago, is very important today – IN OUR AMERICA.  Consider watching Together for a Change below to hear their thoughts. 

This is video was created several years ago to build a workable program around the discoveries of this group of young people working together to understand our differences and what they mean for America to help High Schools strengthen and build unity and understanding for our diverse population.  We put this project together to include High School students from many different US States and cultural backgrounds.  There was no script.  The ideas and concepts outlined here came from them in this experience of only one week.  It is 20 minutes long and the messages are clear.