Mike works with the hosts of the event to build this experience from the subjects covered in the chapters of his book by the same name.   

A great deal of life’s experiences are simply repetitions of a few basic skills, talents, and processes. While a study of positive thinking provides many a technique for handling the attitude part of life’s challenges and innate talent and hard work often provides abilities to accomplish certain things, when it comes to working with others, it is the understanding of process that has helped move experienced people comfortably through the situations many others have found difficult. The process used to run a Cub Scout meeting is the same to conduct a stockholders meeting. Fundraising for a worthy charity uses the same process as fundraising for a social club.  Directing employees uses the same processes as effectively directing volunteers and so on.Mike helps create your experience based on these processes and includes the appropriate checklists as handouts to help reinforce their presence long after the conference.