An adventure exploring what we have in common

This is a large group experience, often an entire student body.
The activity begins with Mike’s introduction and proceeds with him offering the young audience a choice: “Do you want a speech or an experience?” The answer is usually overwhelmingly:  an EXPERIENCE. That triggers his change from speaker to facilitator. It begins with fast talking and a lot of group interaction. Their decision for an experience is the reason they then must explore who they are and what they can do together.   From there they spend time exploring what they have in common—people Mike’s age with people their age and what they know they know and a few things they might not know just yet.  The lessons often explored in this adventure range from the self-talk and choices, how they work, to the role attitude and self-awareness plays in everyone’s life.  Mike can tie in any message or theme the school needs or wants included. It ends up discovering what power each one has to build who they are and who they want to become. Realizing that the presentation is only a small part of capturing the message, the hosts are provided with suggested questions to continue the experience in smaller group interactions.